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Sodium Iodide

Industrial Usage: Agrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical

Sodium Iodide manufacturer in India, Samrat Pharmachem Limited

The sodium Iodide manufacturer in India are one of the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Sodium iodide. The salt compound of sodium and iodide is prepared with the finest quality of Sodium Hydroxide and approved Iodine under proper conditions as per the market standards. Sodium Iodide is majorly used in dietary supplement as well as in organic chemistry. Its applications can also be seen in various other industries as well such as textile, cosmetic, food and beverages, and agriculture.

Sodium Iodide being an important source of elemental iodine, finds its applications in various industries and in chemical reactions. It has a melting point of 661°C and is a hygroscopic compound. Naturally, Iodine occurs in a state of Iodide salts and is naturally found as a component in sea-water.

  • Compound Name : Sodium Iodide
  • Chemical Formula : NaI
  • Colour : White
  • Texture : Crystalline
  • Form : Powder
  • Molecular weight : 149.89
  • Solubility : Highly soluble in some organic compounds such as H2O, acetone and methanol
  • Dietary supplement: As nutritional supplement it is used in iodisation of table salt to prevent iodine deficiency. People who do not have sufficient seafood in their diet are prone to Iodine deficiency, which is a leading cause of preventable mental retardation around the world. It is also used in animal food products.
  • Nuclear medicine: Sodium Iodide is used to saturate the body with non-radioactive Iodine to prevent thyroid cancer that may be caused due to nuclear accident/attack and due to use of radiopharmaceuticals.
HSN No. : 28276020 CAS No. : 7681-82-5 EC No. : 231-679-3
Molecular Weight : 149.89 g/mol Molecular Formula : NaI
Structural Formula  Sodium Iodide
Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Density 3.67 g/cm³
Melting Point 661 °C
Solubility in Water 184.2 g/100 mL (25 °C)
Also known as Iodure de sodium, Natriumiodid
Relevant Risk, Safety & Disposal Aspects
Risk R 42/43 May cause sensitization by inhalation and skin contact.
Safety R 22/36/37 Do not breathe dust. Wear suitable protective clothing & gloves.
Disposal D 14 Neutral solution is prepared prior to disposal.
Application, Storage & Packing
Application In pharmaceutical formulations, as source of iodine, in organic synthesis & as analytical reagent.
Storage Store in a well closed container.
Packing In 25 kg with double polythene bags inside HDPE Drum.
Description White fine crystalline powder
Assay ( argentometric, dry basis ) min. 99.5 %
pH ( 5% w/v in water ) 6.0 – 8.0
Maximum Limits of Impurities
Water-insoluble  matter110 0C, 2 hours ) 0.005 %
Loss on drying ( 110 0C, 2 hours ) 0.5 %
Sulphated  ash 0.05 %
Chloride and bromide ( as Cl ) 0.01 %
Iodate ( IO3 ) 0.0003 %
Phosphate (PO4) 0.001 %
Total Nitrogen ( N) 0.001 %
Sulphate ( SO4 ) 0.002 %
Arsenic ( As ) 0.00001 %
Barium ( Ba ) 0.001 %
Calcium Group & Magnesium ( as Ca ) 0.001 %
Copper ( Cu ) 0.0001 %
Heavy metals ( as Pb ) 0.0002 %
Iron ( Fe ) 0.0003 %
Potassium ( K ) 0.01 %
Reducing substances ( Analar standards ) Passes

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