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Calcium Iodate

Industrial Usage: Animal Feed, Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical

Calcium Iodate manufacturer in India, Samrat Pharmachem Limited

Calcium Iodate is an inorganic chemical compound made up of calcium and an Iodine derivative – Iodate. It is slightly soluble in water and its iodine content is 62%. They are available in two forms namely – hexahydrate and anhydrous, both of them occurring naturally as colorless salts. The hexahydrate form (Ca(IO3)2 is known as bruggenite and the anhydrous form (Ca(IO3)2) is known as lautarite. Lautarite is considered the most significant source of Iodine.


Calcium iodate is used majorly in poultry and agriculture industry as a component in animal food products such as chicken feed in order to correct and prevent iodine deficiency in animals. It is also used to prevent certain diseases in animals. It is also used in pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture process of antiseptics, disinfectants and deodorants.

HSN No. : 28299030 CAS No. : 7789 – 80 – 2 EC No. : 232-191-3
Molecular Weight : 407.90 g/mol Molecular Formula : Ca (IO3)2
Structural Formula
Appearance White solid
Density 1.882 g/cm3 (monohydrate)
Melting Point 178.5 °C
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Also known as Calcium iodate monohydrate, Anhydrous

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