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Introduction of Online Dispute Resolution Portal by SEBI

SEBI Master Circular for Online Resolution of Disputes in the Indian Securities Market

Dear Shareholder,

SEBI vide circular no. SEBI/HO/OIAE/OIAE_IAD-1/P/CIR/2023/131 on July 31, 2023 has introduced a common Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) mechanism to facilitate online resolution of all kinds of disputes arising in the Indian securities market. The ODR Portal allows investors with additional mechanism to resolve the grievances in the following manner:

1.    Level 1 – Raise with Link Intime India Private Limited [Registrar and Transfer Agent (“RTA”)]/ Company:

 Initially, all grievances/ disputes/ complaints against the Company are required to be directly lodged with the RTA/ the Company.

Shareholders may lodge the same by sending an email to or by sending physical correspondence at:

Link Intime India Private Limited

Unit: Samrat Pharmachem Limited

C-101, 247 Park, L B S Marg, Vikhroli (West).

Mumbai-400083, Maharshtra`

2. Level 2 – SEBI SCORES:

 Grievances/ disputes/ complaints which are not resolved at Level 1, or if the shareholder is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Company/ RTA, then a complaint may be raised on SEBI Complaints Redress System (“SCORES”) which can be accessed at

3. Level 3 – ODR Platform:

 In case the shareholder is not satisfied with the resolution provided at Level 1 or 2, then the online dispute resolution process may be initiated through the ODR portal within the applicable timeframe under law. The ODR platform can be accessed at

4. Important Notes:

a) This is to clarify that the shareholder(s) may initiate dispute resolution through the ODR Portal without having to go through SCORES Portal (i.e. From Level 1 to Level 3), if the grievance lodged with the Company is not resolved

b) It may be noted that the dispute resolution through the ODR portal can be initiated only if such complaint/ dispute is not pending before any arbitral process, court, tribunal or consumer forum or if the same is non-arbitrable under Indian

c) There is no fee for registration of complaints/ disputes on the ODR Portal. However, the process of conciliation / arbitration through ODR portal may attract fee and the same shall be borne by the concerned investor/ listed entity/ its RTA (as the case may be).

The aforesaid SEBI circular/ corrigendum can be accessed on the website of SEBI at or on the website of the Company,

You are also requested to update the email id with the RTA for the shares held in physical form and to your respected Depository Participant for the shares held in Demat form.

For Samrat Pharmachem Limited


Nishant Kankaria

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

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