Iodine Derivatives Manufacturer in India

Iodine is the heaviest and the rarest of stable halogens that can be found on the crust of earth. Iodine is mostly used in nutrition. About fifty percent of all iodine produces and manufactured worldwide is used to form Organoiodine compounds.

Iodine deficiency in human body is the number one cause of preventable mental retardation and thyroid problems. Certain regions and especially coastal regions have iodine naturally in the soil. But it is rare in most of the Earth’s surface. Therefore iodine is added in small quantities in salt to provide the body with the much needed iodine. Generally, Potassium iodide or Potassium iodate is added to table/common salt, in order to prevent problems caused by iodine deficiency.

Iodine has several applications other than iodization of salt. It has a plethora of industrial as well as medical applications and is also used to provide nutrition to animals. The importance of application of iodine varies and some of the major uses of iodine derivatives are in colourants, dyes and pigments, animal nutrition products, catalysts, stabilizers, disinfectants and antiseptics, pharmaceutical, and photography. Samrat Pharmachem Limited is a leading Iodine derivatives manufacturer in India.

IODINE  –  Physical & Chemical Properties
CASR No. [7553 – 56 – 2]
EC-No. 231-442-4
HS-No. 2801 20 00
RTECS NN1575000
Poison class CH ) 2
Max. Allowable Concentration ( MAK ), Air 1.1 mg / m3
LD 50 oral rat 14 mg / kg
Packing category G
Road / Rail 6.1 / 67 b
IMDG-Code 61 / II UN 3290
IATA / DGR 6.1 8 II UN 3290 CAO 615
PAX 613
Merck-Index 10, 4881
Mol.  Formula I2
Mol. Weight 253.81
Specific Density, 20 0C 4.93 g / cm3
Bulk Density ~ 2100 kg / m3
Melting Range 114 0C
Boiling Point 185  0C
Vapour Pressure, 25 0C 0.41 hPa
Solubility in H2O, 20 0C 29 mg  per 100 ml
pH value ( saturated solution, H2O, 20 0C ) ~ 5.4
Atmospheric Susceptibility slow sublimation


Relevant Risk, Safety & Disposal Aspects
Risk R 20/21-50 Harmful by inhalation and in contact with skin. Very toxic to aquatic organisms.
Safety S 23.2-25-61 Do not breathe vapours, Avoid contact with eyes, Avoid release to the environment.
Disposal D 22 Make harmless by neutralizing with acidic Sodium thiosulphate solution.


Application, Storage & Packing
Application In Organic & Inorganic preparations.
Storage Store in a well closed tight container away from moisture.
Packing In 25 kg with double polythene bags inside HDPE Drum.


Description Violet lustrous flakes, prilles or granules
Assay ( iodometric  ) min.  99.9 %


Maximum Limits of Impurities
Insoluble matter passes test
Non-volatile matter 0.01 %
Bromide and chloride ( as Cl ) 0.005 %